Our purpose at Osage Creek is to provide a safe haven where wounded hearts and relationships can heal. We provide educational, therapeutic, and spiritual interventions to help each individual achieve success in their journey of healing and personal growth.

Osage Creek is nestled on a selective piece of property, meant to provide a space for reflection. The peaceful, country setting provides clarity of mind and attention to beauty through creation. Our goal is that the environment of Osage Creek will contribute to the healing journeys experienced during your time here.

Our Hope for You

The Purple Chairs

Many years ago we bought a house that included four purple chairs around the kitchen island. Although those chairs were hideous, numerous individuals and couples would sit on those chairs visiting with us, and they would leave feeling strengthened and encouraged. We found that people began requesting "purple chair" conversations.

Our hope at Osage Creek is to provide you with a personal and professional "purple chair" experience. Our passion is to use our gifts and skills to provide a place where individuals and couples will feel safe enough to explore difficult issues in their lives and experience healing as a result.

Photo of Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns | LMHP

M.S. Counseling at Creighton University — Omaha

Post-Graduate work at Grace University — Omaha

Jennifer is a licensed counselor with a unique approach to helping others in overcoming challenging emotions and difficult relationships. Through proven therapeutic strategies, she provides individualized, practical, and balanced solutions with the aid of scripture and prayer. Her goal is to enhance your emotional, relational and spiritual well-being.

Working with couples, she employs the use of emotion-focused therapy to bring improvement and renewal to marriages. Her approach is one of gentleness and grace while providing straightforward and realistic direction. Clients have the option of the additional support of her husband, Tom, in marital counseling sessions.

Photo of Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns | Life Coach

M.A. Biblical Studies, Grace University — Omaha

Tom is a former pastor with a passion for helping others grow personally and spiritually. He is a gifted teacher, mentor and communicator who encourages individuals to expand their understanding of God's word and His will for their lives. Like Jennifer, Tom's approach to helping others grow is dedicated to providing grace and avoiding legalistic restrictions. In addition to being available to partner with Jennifer to conduct marital counseling, Tom provides life coaching, especially husband coaching, with a Christ-centered focus.

Together, Tom and Jennifer Burns provide inspiring seminars on issues pertaining to personal Christian growth and marital enrichment.

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Finding a counseling practice can be a daunting task. We hope our site will provide the information you need to make your decision.

We offer a variety of counseling services including individual, couples, intensive counseling and life coaching. We also provide large group seminars and small group retreats.

If you are ready to talk with a counselor, please call us or send an email. Our first phone consultation is always free. This consultation will help us determine the type and duration of counseling that is best for you.

Couples Counseling

Premarital Counseling

No one marries with the goal of divorcing, but sadly nearly half of all first marriages fail. Premarital counseling has proven to increase marital success. It is an investment in the rest of your life together. Premarital counseling helps you address your potential problem areas before they occur and gain key skills that will greatly benefit this most important relationship. Couples meet with Tom and Jennifer for a minimum of eight hours, spread out over three or four sessions before their wedding and one follow-up session after they have been married six months.

Couples Counseling

Life together gives us great joys and unfortunately significant trials. Stressors such as finances, careers, growing families, extended family, and unexpected events can put your marriage in a challenging place.

If you are not connecting with your spouse like you once did, if you have experienced events that have injured the closeness in your marriage, or if you've never really felt close to your spouse, please know that there is hope here. We thoroughly enjoy working with couples and helping them build a more authentic, deep and truly loving relationship. Your marriage can be better than it ever was before.

Counseling Intensives

Osage Creek offers an intensive counseling experience for individuals and couples in a concentrated and focused format. This provides in-depth understanding of struggles on an emotional, relational, and spiritual level, as well as tools to deal with them more effectively. Clients are often amazed at how much progress can be made in an intensive counseling experience.

One-day, two-day, and two-and-a-half-day intensive sessions can be scheduled. The option of three one-day intensives spread over several months is also available.

Before arriving at Osage Creek, every participant is asked to complete the following:

  • Pre-intensive phone consultation
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Post-intensive phone consultation will also be scheduled

Seminars & Retreats


We are currently offering three different large group seminars. These are intended for groups of 12 or more individuals and take place at a location of your choice:

  • Oneness in the Real World
  • Living as Children of the Light
  • Flourishing Journey

For more information about our retreats, please
download our Seminars and Retreats PDFs.


Visit us at Osage Creek, where the atmosphere allows the freedom to think, process and soak in what you will hear at our retreats. Through small-group interaction, you can accomplish deeper, more intensive growth in an environment prepared for this very purpose.

Photo of Bird's Nest

Spiritual Wounds

With particular experience addressing spiritual wounds, Osage Creek offers counseling for those hurt as a pastor, pastor's wife, missionary, lay person in leadership, or as a child growing up in the ministry (a P.K.) or mission field (an M.K.).

Tom and Jennifer Burns have a unique passion for these struggles. For those in need of this specific counseling, you will not experience shock or condemnation but rather validation for your experiences and assistance in healing.

Life Coaching

Therapy is not for everyone, but coaching is.

Life coaching is typically a long-term, helping relationship that assists you in recognizing your strengths, overcoming obstacles to growth, and supports the unfolding of your personal and spiritual maturity.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy. In therapy we seek to uncover the roots of emotional and relationship problems, then work towards healing those wounded places in the soul. Coaching is goal-oriented and future-focused. As Christian life coaches, we work to help you recognize God's voice, accomplish a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, and fulfill His unique plan for your life. Our goal is for you to find focus, balance, productivity, and fulfillment.

Coaching occurs either weekly or bi-monthly, through face-to-face or over the phone contact, in 50-minute sessions. Since coaching is very goal-focused, regular completion of homework is required.


Transformed by Truth

When I first started meeting with Jennifer, I was desperate. I felt like I was falling apart on the inside and my insecurity and "neediness" were burning bridges in my relationships. I wanted to do whatever it would take to get to a place of emotional stability and peace. I met with Jennifer regularly over the course of a couple years. God used our times together to revolutionize my thinking.

I clearly remember one day when I realized my automatic thoughts were starting to change and I knew I was changing at a heart level. This change in me has had ripple effects on my family and friends. When people tell me they are not sure they can afford counseling, I am glad to share that my sessions with Jennifer were one of the best investments I've ever made. She is a Spirit-led gifted counselor and God truly used her as part of his plan for my life.


From a Ministry Couple

When we first met with Jennifer, our marriage was at the point where only our commitment to staying married was holding us together. We had been with another counselor before we came to Jennifer, but felt like the counselor was treating the symptoms of our failing marriage, without treating the underlying disease. With Jennifer we found a counselor who helped us see through the fog of our automatic reactions to the core of what was really affecting our relationship. What really sets Jennifer’s counseling methods apart is that she incorporates visual aids into every session. These hand-drawn, easy-to-understand charts and pictures are specifically tailored to what you learn in each particular counseling session. The great part is that these tools are yours to take home to use and review whenever you need to.

God has uniquely blessed Jennifer with this creative approach and it makes all the difference because she places the tools you need in your hands, so that even years later you can review them and get back on track when issues rear their ugly heads. We would without reservation recommend Jennifer to anyone, God used her to save our marriage.


A Recovering Trauma Survivor

Since I am skeptical of both secular and Christian counselors (each can use the extreme — platitude faith or no God at all), I find the field pretty narrow for reaching the soul in truly transforming ways without scripted formulas. Jennifer counsels in a way that not only helps an individual process their own journey, but also equips them to give those tools away to others. I am happy to have discovered that there is a woman out there who has some decent wisdom and some good tools that make a lot of sense. I use them constantly!

From Trauma to Hope

Jennifer has given me more emotional, spiritual and mental healing than anyone I've known. She is so dynamic and refreshing. Jennifer taught me that no one nor nothing is perfect except God's perfect grace.


Oneness Attendee

Do you want to learn about God's plan for oneness in marriage? Take a seminar offered by the Burns and watch oneness in action. They orchestrate a 'tag team' performance that draws on their individual gifts, moving seamlessly back and forth between biology/psychology and rock solid Bible teaching. It is balanced and fun. I'm not sure if actions always speak louder than words, because the material is exceptional. It is worth memorizing. It is insightful and highly practical. They give directions on specific ways to solve relationship problems. Jennifer and Tom's trick is to model oneness in marriage while team teaching oneness in marriage. You will leave the class wishing your relationships could be as well orchestrated, and intelligent, as the Burns.


Recovering Trauma Survivor

Most of my life I have been in survival mode. My situations in life seemed insurmountable. Through a referral I was given an opportunity to see Jennifer. With her help and the Lord’s, I’ve had the chance to look at life in a totally different way. I’ve learned that I have worth and value. I now have the tools to react in a positive way when past trauma is triggered.

A Whole New Me

Jennifer has given me a new picture of who I am through her wise counsel, compassion, and ability to shine God’s glory, goodness, and truth into my life and my wounds. I am not the same person that I was before I began counseling. I now have the tools to keep journeying towards being transformed into all that God wants me to be.

Osage Creek is located on 17 acres of wooded prairie with a creek that runs through it. When we first arrived, we were both bruised and exhausted from a difficult eight-year ministry experience that had wounded each of us individually and as a couple. There is a path that winds through the acreage that we walked almost daily because the backdrop of nature and the sounds of breeze, birds, and trickling water instilled a sense of peace in each of us and began to restore our souls. As we had the opportunity to enrich our emotional and physical wellbeing by walking our path, we became aware of specific steps in our own healing journey that began to emerge along the way. We intentionally sought to understand what the path provided for us as God restored our inner well-being and connection as a couple. What emerged was the healing path journey.

The Osage Creek Healing Path is an experiential, contemplative synopsis of a soul healing journey made up of ten stages. We find the path can be used in a variety of ways to facilitate or expand clients' inner work, while different stages of the path have proven to be meaningful throughout the healing process. Individuals or couples can walk and experience the entire path as the finale of a retreat or during an intensive session. We may also visit specific locations on the path as therapy unfolds over time. Depending on individual needs, clients may walk the path alone, then process their experience in a session afterwards, or we may travel the path with them and serve as facilitators for the experience. The path experience is different for everyone, yet each person seems to come away touched in some personally significant way.

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Insurance Information

Osage Creek provides services for a number of insurance companies and will submit claims for regular therapy sessions. Life coaching is not covered by insurance.

Please note that it is our experience that insurance companies will not cover the cost of an intensive counseling session, therefore Osage Creek does not submit insurance claims for intensive sessions. However, clients can be provided with a detailed receipt which includes a diagnosis and CPT code for insurance purposes upon request.